Dr. Fernanda Silva

Dr. Fernanda Silva
AEGD Resident
Denver Dental

The New Frontier in Dental School Collaboration
Thursday, July 14, 2022
5:25 PM – 5:55 PM



Fernanda Silva Celaya got her DDS from UCLA School of Dentistry this past May 2022 and is currently a GPR resident at Denver Health Hospital. After assisting and shadowing treatment at community health centers that treated underserved populations in Mexico and Arizona, Fernanda desired to pursue dentistry and help to address this disparity. During dental school, she took multiple leadership roles including being the class secretary and running the clinical translation program. She was one of the many students that benefit from Community Based Clinical Education (CBCE) at UCLA. She was able to experience different dental environments including private practice, community health center, and DSO. Thanks to these experiences, she felt more confident to treat patients due to being exposed to multiple patients. In the future, she hopes to run her own community health center and teach at a dental school.