Dr. Scott Leune, Dental Whale

Dr. Scott Leune
Dental Business Guru and President
Dental Whale

Speaking on:
Business Disrupters: Changing the Face of Dentistry
Thursday, July 11, 2019
2:15 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.



Dr. Leune graduated from UT Health Science Center School of Dentistry in 2005. His dental career began with three startup practices in San Antonio which grew to 80 staff, 10 dentists, and a call center in a very short time, and were all managed by Dr. Leune working a mere 4 days per month. In 2011, Dr. Leune started seven practices in the Dallas­-Fort Worth area, opening them within a two-month timespan.


Dr. Scott Leune is the founder of Breakaway Practice, a practice management company which has consulted and helped develop 120 de novos, and helps operate 1,000 practices through scheduling, insurance, billing, marketing, and IT services. More recently, Dr. Leune co-founded Dental Whale, an innovative dental company which is carving a new category of group private practice ownership and management. Dental Whale’s subsidiary companies include the largest dental repair franchise in North America, a hand piece repair company, a dental marketing company, a dental practice brokerage firm, a 100-practice dental support organization, a seminars company, a dental consulting company, and a dental back office services company. Together, Dental Whale companies have supported over 17,000 dentists in 2017.


With such a diversified set of experiences, Dr. Leune lectures on data-driven decision making in dentistry in an environment of scalable systems and infrastructure. Dr. Leune has lectured to thousands of dental professionals & executives sharing his proven practice management systems, marketing and practice design, leading to consistently sold-out seminars. He has been featured in numerous dental publications and is known for delivering enormous amounts of value during his speaking events.