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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at the Gaylord Rockies Resort 2-4pm


How do you know which technology investments provide a solid return on investment? And, which ones actually impact the KPI’s you care about the most? 

For DSO’s only – best for CTO’s/COO’s/CFO’s who are looking for a frank, honest conversation about what tech solutions are driving results (without the tech vendors in the room). This workshop offers a facilitated interactive discussion to dig into specific KPI’s critical to the business and highlighting the software products that actually move the needle. Revere Partners will share new technology solutions to be aware of thanks to due diligence for their exclusively oral health venture capital fund. Sunset Technologies will provide valuable insights into the importance of uptime, integrations and security considerations from an IT perspective. Facilitated by Jill Nesbitt who will present content, engage guests to participate and wrap up with implementation best practices.


At this workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

Compare the KPI’s you’re using with other DSO’s 

Gain insight into the tech stack of other DSO’s

Discover new technologies that could be valuable for your group

Connect with like-minded dental groups to share insights and ideas

Learn about the newest software available in 3 specific categories:      

  1. Analytics 

  2. RCM 

  3. Office-level efficiency (heavily AI-driven)

Walk away with a results-oriented approach to evaluating technology you can use in your group immediately  

Workshop fee $99

The workshop is limited to 30 participants in order to foster an interactive discussion. Attendees must register for Dykema’s Definitive Conference for DSOs in order to participate in this optional workshop. Workshop fee is in addition to conference registration fee. 


Who Should Attend?

CTO’s, COO’s, CFO’s of DSO’s who are looking to do more than just buy technology based on AI-promoted features and a good price, and make decisions based on measurable results. The typical DSO has a dozen different software solutions across the organization and new products pop up every week that a CTO needs to stay aware of. Identifying which new solutions are worth the time to review, determining what part of the business they impact and whether they are duplicating existing functionality or truly offer value – plus the challenge of selecting the KPI you’re trying to influence in the first place . . . if these sound like familiar challenges, then this workshop is for you.


Welcome and Introductions: Jill Nesbitt

New Tech Diligence Process: Dr. Jeremy Krell, Revere Partners

Uptime & Security Considerations: Patrick Jacobwith, Sunset Technologies


Presentation: KPI’s and the technology solutions that match each one, targeting 3 categories: 

Analytics – Marketing analytics plus overall business data

RCM – Insurance claims processing

Office-level Efficiency – Heavy AI-based solutions

Facilitated discussion: We will talk through each category and the KPI / technology inviting guests to share their experience and results.


After each category, we will share new tech companies related to that category

  • M&A Observations: Tom Creegan from Raymond James

  • Implementation Success: Jill Nesbitt, Optimize Dental Consulting

The workshop is strictly limited to 100 participants. Attendees must register for Dykema’s Definitive Conference for DSOs in order to participate in this optional workshop. Workshop fee is in addition to conference registration fee. Due to high demand, walk-ins on the day of the workshop will not be allowed.