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Transform HR into a Profit Center for Your Group Practice: Maximize ROI for Your Biggest Investment… Your Team!



Presented by:
Jill Hasselman, SVP of Strategic Partnerships 

Ali Oromchian, J.D., LL.M., CEO & Founder



Reserved exclusively for:

Practice Owners

Practice Admins


Office Managers




HR or People Ops Leaders

Department Leaders 



Course description:

What is the single biggest expense as a practice owner or CEO? It’s not your rent or mortgage. It’s not your equipment or any utility. It’s payroll. Paying your team is nearly every practice’s largest expense—and yet, it’s not an expense at all. It’s an investment. 

When it comes to growing a practice, either organically or through acquisition, your safest path to guaranteed success is investing in the right people, developing their skills and letting them grow. Unlocking this growth requires specific skills within your team members, department leaders and yourself



This workshop will be a hands-on session with actionable takeaways that you can implement in your business plan immediately. In this half-day workshop, we’ll be covering how to:

  1. Establish practice culture, core values and a purpose-driven vision that attracts and retains the best talent
  2. Build compliant hiring systems that get you the “right fit” for your practice
  3. WOW in the first 44 days: Successful onboarding that weeds out the wrong fits and retains the right fits 
  4. Set goals & build accountability systems that add profits
  5. Conduct performance reviews that engage your team (instead of alienate them)
  6. Practice compliance as a leadership strategy: creating psychological safety & being a champion for your team’s rights
  7. Streamline & boost efficiency in your People Operations, from scheduling to automation, benefits to software solutions
  8. Resolve conflict using tactics that comply with state & federal laws
  9. Teach your team to be autonomous, self-managed, solution-oriented and have an owner’s growth mentality
  10. Prepare yourself as a leader to be managed by your team (yes you read that right)
  11. Create WIN-WIN compensation plans that generate returns and practice growth
  12. Unlock the power of the the 5 Waves of Trust
  13. Overcome the middle-manager mentality in 4 easy steps 
  14. Measure and track the ROI of investing in your team
  15. HR for Health is the market leader in human resources software solutions as well as advanced HR advising for dental practices. With over a decade of experience and thousands of clients across the US, we are deemed the #1 the thought leaders and trusted experts in this space.

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