Created Exclusively for Dykema’s Definitive Conference for Dental Service Organizations
Wednesday, July 28 from 9:00 am — 4:00 pm (Lunch Provided by TUSK)

Dykema is proud to partner with TUSK Partners to offer a one-day workshop with two distinct tracks to choose from, created specifically for companies that are not yet backed by private equity funding, to aid entrepreneurs in scaling and exiting their business. TUSK Partners has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them START, GROW and SELL their group practice or DSO and will bring that experience to you in Denver. Whether you are in the formative stages of building a group, working on scalability and infrastructure as you look to add your sixth location or are thinking about an exit in the next three to five years, there is something here for you.


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Additional workshop fee is applied when registering for the conference. Workshop Discount Code can be combined with other conference registration discounts. Each workshop is limited to 50 participants. If you choose to attend a workshop, simply select that option at registration and a TUSK representative will work with you to determine the best fit for your needs.


Track 1 — Growth Strategies through Human Capital & Market Expansion (Limited to 50 people)

Speakers: Perrin DesPortes and Diwakar Sinha


Session includes discussions on:

  • Partnership Buy-In Models
  • Acquisitions vs Affiliation Strategies
  • Growth Modeling & Debt Funding
  • Associate Equity Strategies (Associate Equity Strategies)


Who Should Attend?

Building a DSO is simple, but far from easy.  If you are contemplating starting a group or are already well on your way and looking for tools to increase stability and scale in your organization, this track is for you.  The course will teach attendees how to attract and retain associate talent through various associate equity models, provide insight on gaining access to a consistent source of debt funding and Monday Morning Action Items to begin adding systems and scale to your organization.

Track 2 — Scale & Exit through M&A (Limited to 50 people)

Speakers: Ryan Mingus and Kevin Cumbus


Session includes discussions on:

  • What is My Group Worth?
    –  Current trends: Who is buying?, deal structures, etc.
    –  Valuation drivers in M&A today
  • Growing Your Practice Through Acquisition
    –  How to WIN deals in a competitive M&A market
  • Dissecting the Deal
    –  Adj. EBITDA, multiples, value of equity
  • Preparing Your Business for Exit
    –  Strategic or PE
    –  How to achieve a 10x deal


Who Should Attend?

The dental M&A market is white hot and there are more buyers than sellers creating a sellers’ market!  Deal structures have evolved rapidly, and sellers are weighing much more than cash at close driven by a multiple of EBITDA.  The majority of deals today involve partnerships and cashflows over periods of two to five years, so it is important that you frame your business in a manner that maximizes the value you bring.

The DSO Team is hard at work on the 2021 conference agenda. Check back often, it will be published in early 2021!