Cassie Tallon
The Fractional Match

Cassie Tallon is an expert integrator and renowned operational leader in healthcare, with over 20 years of industry expertise in marketing and operations. As a renowned speaker on the application of strategic operational efficiencies in the dental industry, she specializes in supporting Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) to optimize internal workflows and achieve operational synergy through strategic integrations and partnership management. Cassie has excelled in driving team communication and training, spearheading the development and design of impactful collateral materials, and formulating comprehensive social strategies covering both organic and paid approaches. Her prowess extends to devising patient communication strategies for a seamless continuum of care, managing events and accounts payable with exceptional skill, and implementing innovative job posting and direct hiring strategies.

Cassie’s focus on operational efficiencies is evident in her success in optimizing patient care, facilitating improved outcomes, and streamlining workflows, including implementing formulary efficiencies for optimized ordering processes. She has extended her expertise to support more practices with invaluable real-world insights, supporting DSOs such as Partnerships for Dentists, Rodeo Dental, and OMS360. Cassie is the CEO and Founder of The Fractional Match, pairing fractional C-suite support with DSOs. Her unique combination of skills in operations and marketing, along with her dedication to operational efficiencies, makes her a highly sought-after leader in the dental industry.