DeAnn McClain
Heartland Dental



An original member of Heartland Dental, DeAnn joined the company as an accountant in 1996. Today, as Heartland Dental’s Chief Operating Officer, DeAnn leads the strongest talent in the industry as they provide world-class support to supported doctors, integrate new offices into the Heartland Dental family of supported practices, and create synergies between the clinical and operations side of the business. As one of the fastest-growing DSOs in the country, DeAnn recognizes the need to remain nimble, dynamic, and always ready to lean in, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.


In her over 25 years at Heartland Dental, a lot has changed, but one thing hasn’t – the Company’s dedication to continuous improvement and a belief in doing the right thing for the right reason. From her early days in accounting and across all the roles DeAnn has held at Heartland Dental, great leadership has been at the heart of the company, and she proudly carries that torch today. The Operations team is an instrumental component of Heartland Dental’s growth and development, rooted in the needs of supported doctors and their teams. A great day of work for DeAnn is knowing the team has enabled supported doctors and their teams to focus on the task at-hand – the patients and communities they serve.