Ian Prendergast
CEO and Co-Founder

Ian Prendergast is the CEO and Co-Founder of Toothio, a Phoenix-based dental marketplace founded in 2021 and launched in May 2022 that connects dental professionals with understaffed dental practices. Toothio has attracted investors from Arizona and Silicon Valley to help scale their business to the next level.

Prior to Toothio, Ian was the 1st fulltime employee at Qwick and helped them land their largest client in the early days of the startup. He also founded Steady Install with Ben Bottner and helped them grow into Tucson and Dallas. With an incredible background in marketplace launch and sales, Ian leads the way for his team to build an incredible experience for dental practices. He is supported by 2 other Qwick alumni as his cofounders, Troy Amelotte and Devon Cox.

Ian is the type of person who can get anyone excited about the future. He’s shown incredible leadership in his ability to build a team of 17 employees and grow Toothio’s revenue.