Virgil Ochoa
Dykema DSO Industry Group


Virgil Ochoa helps doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and other providers and service organizations form profitable relationships. But his work is anything but business as usual—professionals, DSOs, MSOs, and investors rely on his knowledge of corporate practice of medicine regulations and extensive buy-sell experience to ensure deals go smoothly so those new relationships will prosper.


Many professionals have close emotional attachments to the practices they’ve built. While DSO and MSO affiliations may make good financial sense for them, taking that next step into a new business entity can be difficult and scary.


Virgil counsels professionals in every aspect of the transaction by clarifying the risks and pains of monetizing their practices so they can focus on their clinical expertise. He also represents service organizations, not only in affiliating with professionals, but also in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate finance matters across all their legal and business needs.


In addition, Virgil is an accomplished international trade lawyer who has advised clients on export controls, tariffs, licensing, and related issues. His experience extends across a wide range of consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and durable goods and the government fines, fees, and penalties imposed for non-compliance.