Dykema is excited to be collaborating with select industry partners to host a variety of exciting workshops before the start of our conference. Each workshop will take place on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 and conclude by 4:00 p.m. that day. Each workshop has a limit on participants. Attendees must register for Dykema’s Definitive Conference for DSOs in order to participate in any one of these optional workshops. Each workshop fee is in addition to conference registration fee. Click on the workshop name for full details of each workshop.


Already registered for the conference but are wanting to sign up for a workshop? Not a problem. You can modify your registration here by selecting “already registered.”


The TUSK Partners Workshop was created specifically for companies that are not yet backed by private equity funding, to aid entrepreneurs in maximizing the value of their business in a sale to a strategic or financial partner. TUSK Partners has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them sell their group practice or DSO and will bring that experience to you in Denver. This workshop will focus on maximizing the value of your business in a sale, regardless of if you ever sell it. Whether you’re eight, five, two, or one year away from exit, there is valuable information here for YOU. This workshop will be a hands-on working session and will provide actionable items that you will take back to your business on Monday morning.


Registration is limited to DSOs that are not yet backed by private equity funding.

Presented by Gary Bird (SMC National) and Dee Fischer (Fischer’s Professional Group), the Scaling Your Dental Practice Bootcamp is a comprehensive training program designed to help dental professionals take their practices to the next level. The bootcamp is taught by experienced industry experts and covers a range of topics including: marketing, financial management, team building, and patient retention. Throughout the bootcamp, participants will learn practical strategies for attracting new patients, improving efficiency and productivity, and increasing profitability. They will also have the opportunity to network with their peers and share best practices.


Registration is open to DSOs and Industry Group Partners.

Presented by HR for Health, this half-day workshop covers the importance of conducting human resources due diligence during practice transitions. In the practice purchasing cycle of a DSO there are distinct risks around employee issues that are often unrecognized. This lack of understanding of potential liabilities and compliance failures leads to lower valuations, acquisition regret, and profit disruptions. The HR Due Diligence Workshop will focus on identifying people-related and compliance risks in dental practices and how to mitigate those risks to either sell your practice or limit your liability when purchasing a new practice.


Registration is open to DSOs and Industry Group Partners.

Presented by Revere Partners, the Dental Tech Discovery Workshop is created specifically for dental groups wanting to evaluate their tech stack, to aid leadership in identifying technology solutions that increase efficiency of the dental team and improve the patient experience. Revere Partners has worked with hundreds of dental technology startups to be the go-to resource for dental solutions across the full patient journey and office workflow. This workshop will focus on an interactive review of each step of the patient and office workflows and the newest technology available so you will walk away with new solutions you can use in your practice. Whether you are shopping for new technology today, or are just curious about the latest dental startup, there is valuable information here for you.


Registration is limited to DSOs and DSO startups.