Social Media and HIPPA: 9 Tips to Stay Compliant

14:57 02 May in External Publications

By Brian ColaoEric White, and Jennifer R. Tauzel
Published by North Texas Dentistry

Even though Facebook began over a decade ago, it and other forms of social media have become tremendously popular. In fact, social media has become a favored tool of communication for personal, business and professional use. We now see the general public using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and their competitors or successors to obtain their news, receive recommendations, maintain their relationships and drive their business. Medical professionals who wish to gain broader access to patients and the general public are looking for ways to utilize these tools for everything from marketing to patient education. However, in the medical context, these tools are often misused and subject employers to liability for violation of HIPPA data privacy and security regulations. To read this article in its entirety, click here.

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