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Bahrami and Colao Discuss Alternative DSO Structures in Dental Economics Magazine

05 December in Articles, Outside Publications, External Publications

Over the last decade, the dental industry has undergone evolution and consolidation. Solo and group practices are affiliating with dental service organizations at a record pace. Nondentist investors are buying nonclinical assets, such as dental equipment, leases, and intellectual property, and contractually affiliating dental practices...

Brian Colao Discusses DSO Trends and De Novo Growth in Becker Dental Review Webinar

19 July in Webinars, External Publications

De novo growth shows no signs of slowing — 3 experts discuss DSO market trends While solo private dental practices are diminishing in the U.S., dental service organizations are experiencing rapid growth and present a solid investment opportunity if managed properly. During a July 10 webinar sponsored...

Speaking from Experience: Setting Yourself Up for a Successful Dental Practice Acquisition

04 February in External Publications

Co-Authored by Craig Woods Originally Published in DSO News, February 4, 2019. Experience has demonstrated that the least complex, best run practices make the smoothest transition to DSO affiliation. This holds true with respect to valuing the practice, shifting commercial arrangements, transitioning personnel, extinguishing debt and taking necessary...

Best Practices for Sellers in the Evolving DSO Marketplace

09 January in External Publications

Co-Authored by Craig Woods Published in DSO News, January 7, 2019 The tsunami of consolidation activity in the dental services industry has created remarkable financial opportunities for dentists and investors. Primarily, these opportunities play out in the form of Dental Services Organizations formed by entrepreneurial dentists and/or private financial...

Group Dentistry Now Provides Recap of Dykema’s Successful DSO Conference

03 October in Events, External Publications

Group Dentistry Now reported on and summarized Dykema’s 5th Annual DSO Conference in its article, “Recap of Dykema’s 5th Annual DSO Conference.” The article attributes the booming attendance at the event to the unbiased, comprehensive, and extensive roster of programs, notes its unparalleled networking opportunities and provides a link...

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